Dock at the pier, the park or the promenade

A hundred years ago hungry, thirsty sailors looking for a good time in Västervik set the course straight for Slottsholmen. These days it’s just as easy. The Slottsholmen Marina has a restaurant, open-air cafe and a friendly atmosphere only a few minutes from downtown Västervik. Dock at the boat booms or at the pier (perfect for larger and longer vessels). There are 50 bookable berths. Click on the link below and be certain that there is a berths even if you are late or out cruising the archipelago for a day.

The Pier

Dock at the new Slottsholmen with restaurant, open-air cafe and hotel. Stay a few hours or overnight.

The Park

Dock at the modern boat booms in the green park at the Stegeholm castle ruin. This is where Västervik’s famous Visfestivalen is arranged every year. There are also art shows and lots of other fun stuff for the family.

The Promenade

Dock at the Västervik’s most popular walking path with Gamleviken’s evening sun on one side and the sunrise on the other. There are restaurants close by and berths for 12-20 meter boats.


0-10m/0-32f Single Boom Fr. 220kr
Max 12m/39f Boat boom 10m Fr. 250kr
Max 15m/49f Boat Boom 12m Fr. 290kr
Docking at the Pier 25kr/m

Temporary mooring is free of charge out of season.